Company AMS-Novatech Ltd. is an authorized representative of SENSI Corporation

Which is producing industrial systems of air and gas processing and compression systems for territories Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Egypt, UAE, Switzerland where company AMS-Novatech Ltd. as part of its mandate, provides all business services for specified below product lines produced by company SENSI including their delivery, commissioning and warranty and after warranty service'.

The company specializes in the following fields:

  • development, manufacture and supply of gas and air compressor equipment on the basis of medium and high-pressure piston compressors on the balanced opposite horizontal frames 2M2.5/4M2.5/2M6.0/4M6.0 with air and water cooling of cylinders, with lubrication of cylinders and rod seals or without lubrication produced by SENSI, as well as on the basis of compressors of leading foreign companies: GE (USA); Delta Compression S.R.L. (Argentina); NP, FG (Italy); LMF (Austria);
  • development, manufacture and supply of Natural Gas Vehicle refill compressor stations (NGV station) with range of gas inlet pressure from 0.02 up to 5.5 Bar(g) and discharge pressure 250 Bar(g);
  • development, manufacture and supply of gas compressor equipment on the basis of screw compressors of the leading global producers;
  • development, manufacture and supply of block (module) and stationary compressor stations of different purposes, including associated petroleum gas compression, produced in correspondence with the customer’s technical task;
  • development, manufacture and supply of special mobile compressor stations: self-moving (on the basis of trucks); moving (on the basis of automobile trailers); portable (block, transported with automobiles and other transport) for gas and air injection to gas pipelines and their testing for tightness; gas transfer (disposal) from emergency section of gas pipelines; formation of supports for work of other compressor equipment (booster compressors); fuel gas compression and supply for loading of gas turbine drives; gaseous nitrogen compression and transfer;
  • supervision of assembling and pre-commissioning work, warranty and post-warranty service;
  • development, manufacture and supply of control systems of technological processes and industrial lines, automation and control systems of NGV refill compressor stations and APG compression stations, compressor and pumping plants;
  • development, manufacture and supply of air and water cooling equipment for enterprises of chemical and food industry;
  • repair of pumping and compressor equipment, supply of spare parts.

We perform the full complex of work for the implementation of compressor equipment in manufacture: its production, supply, installation, pre-commissioning work, warranty service; we assist in project works performing in the binding of the equipment to location, consult the customers.


Piston compressors developed and manufactured by SENSI Ltd. are designed for operation as a part of NGV stations, gas storage tank filling, provision of technological processes during operation of gas compressor plants, oil-associated gas compression during its injection into major pipeline, using as booster compressors for preliminary compression of natural gas as a part of gas-filling and other stations during the work from low suction pressure networks.

Types of compressors – opposite, horizontal, crankcase are manufactured on two-, four- and six-row frames named 2M2.5/4M2.5/2M6.0/4M6.0 with allowable piston load 2.5 and 6 tons. SENSI Ltd. produces compressors according to Regulations on Installation and Safe Operation of Piston Compressors Operating on explosive and Toxic Gases in different climatic modification according to the National Standards.

Depending on designation, inlet and outlet gas parameters the number of compression stages can vary from one to seven. The available compressors range provides gas compression from atmospheric pressure to discharge pressure up to 13-400 Bar(g) with capacities from 250 up to 6000 nm3/hr and with the rated power of electric engines – from 37 up to 700 kW.

Fig. 1 Compressor on the frame 2M2.5
Fig. 2 Compressor on the frame 4M2.5
Fig. 3 Compressor on the frame 6M2.5
Fig. 4 Compressor on the frame 2M6.0

Technical specifications

Parameters / Compressor frame 2M2.5 4M2.5 6M2.5 2M6 4M6
Rows number 2 4 6 2 4
Power consumption, kW 110 315 450 400 700
Piston stroke, mm 110 100 85 115 115
Rotating speed, rpm 1000/1500 1000/1500 1000/1500 1000/1500 1000/1500
Piston speed, m/sec 3.67/5.50 3.34/5.01 2.84/4.26 3.83/5.75 3.83/5.75
Total rod load, ton 2.5 2.5 2.5 6.0 6.0
Weight, kg* 1800 2050 3000 2240 4480
Length, mm* 750 1800 2600 900 1700
Width, mm* 2400 2400 2400 4000 4000

*-approximate parameters



NGV compressor station equipment (hereinafter “station”) is designed for filling of vehicles with natural gas, processed in accordance with the National Standards, from low suction pressure networks with gauge pressure from 0.02 up to 5.5 Bar(g) and discharge pressure 250 Bar(g). Station and compressor choice is determined by inlet gas pressure and required capacity.

Station is produced in different climatic modifications according to National Standards and is designed for operation in ambient temperature range from -40°C up to +45°C.







CNG dryer is of great current interest for processing of natural gas used as a motor fuel for vehicles and its complying with the requirements of the National Standards.

Gas dryer can be installed either on the compressor inlet (inlet gas dryer) or on the compressor discharge (high pressure gas dryer).



MBCPs are designed for compression of low pressure gas on the production sites in remote areas without infrastructure. MBCPs work autonomously or in conjunction with similar aggregates in general system. The station can also be applied for compression and pipage of atmosphere air or inert gases. They are produced strictly in accordance with technical requirements of the customer and are operating in ambient temperatures from minus 55 ºC up to plus 45 ºC.



Screw gas compression stations are designed for gas compression and supply to different technological systems.

Compressor station on the basis of screw compressor is produced in different climatic modification according to the National Standards and is purposed for maintenance in temperature interval of ambient air from -40ºC up to +45ºC.


Nitrogen stations and plants are designed for nitrogen gas receiving from atmosphere directly at the area of consumption with concentration from 90 to 99.9999% by means of molecular air separation in membrane or absorption module. Capacity range is from 0.03 to 63 nm3/min*, discharge pressure up to 350 Bar(g).
(*several modules can be connected in parallel for output expansion of nitrogen gas).
Nitrogen stations and plants are produced according to individual clients’ technical tasks. Equipment is produced according to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001-2008 and American Gas Standard API 618.